Property Information

  • Address: 891 Washington Avenue, Portland, ME, 04103 
  • Category: Office 
  • Zoning: Commercial 
  • Total Building Space: 27000 SF 
  • Min Available Space: 13 SF 
  • Max Available Space: 0 SF 
  • Lot Size: 7.00 Acres 
  • Year: 2002 
  • Loading Doors: No 
  • Ceiling Height: 10.00 Feet 


A one story Class A building, with brick and stone exterior. All modern HVAC, electrical amenities including upgraded security protection for computer facility.

Current tenant utilizes 100% of building. Natural sub-division into two suites of 13,800 s.f. A 7 acre parking lot providing lighted, on-site parking for 650 cars, or a 5 spaces per 1,000 ratio for the entire complex of two buildings.


Located in a residential neighborhood on a major route from the peninsulat to the Northgate residential area of the city. Situated two miles from the city center, an ideal location for a regional office or an administrative back office operation.